Study Group

Cospire Rue de Genève 100, Lausanne

Dedicate two hours each week to study the topic of your choice. #accountability

Game Night

Cospire Rue de Genève 100, Lausanne

Hello friendly Cospire community! Kiru and I wish to share with you our passion for board games and have created this event series to regularly bring us together and satisfy our common need to play.We’re convinced that board games can help forge new relationships and bring people closer together in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. They’re also quite stimulating and via their variety offer many different gaming experiences. Race around Cuba in pirate ships and be the first to make it to port, craft potions and be the best at selling your witch’s brew, or collaborate with your crew of astronauts in brain burning, card-driven missions. Board games aren’t just your grandma’s Monopoly.