The team behind Cospire

Cospire was founded by Janan and Lucio, two individuals who left their corporate jobs in search of an experience that was not only creative, but that embedded them into the very heart of the creative process. They decided they didn’t want to just be amongst the creatives of this city, but they wanted to make a space for them.

It is with all of these ambitions, paired with their love of community and inclusivity, that Cospire was born. Janan and Lucio appreciate individuals who are curious, who love what they do, and who continuously strive to grow. This is who you’ll encounter at Cospire.

Coworking and event space in Lausanne Meet Janan, Co-Founder

Janan moved from Washington D.C. to attend university in Lugano and decided to plant roots in CH when she met her life partner and now business partner.

Janan is passionate about many things, including community building, supporting small businesses, empowering female entrepreneurship, promoting diversity, seeking out sustainable practices, and curating cozy and inclusive spaces.

She believes that people excel when they follow their true purpose and inner calling, so she hopes to inspire those around her to follow their dreams and to build the life they deserve. She looks forward to hearing about your latest projects the next time you’re at Cospire.
Coworking and event space in Lausanne Meet Lucio, Co-Founder

Lucio, growing up in Ticino, had to learn from an early age how to adapt to being a cultural minority in his own country. This adaptation sparked his interest in learning other languages and exploring other cultures.

At the age of 18, he moved from Ticino and landed in the Lausanne region where he co-founded a technology start-up which aimed to make smart glasses an everyday object.

Lucio is enthusiastic about technology creation and development, local community building, discovering and supporting small businesses, great coffee, interior and furniture design, as well as building awareness of best sustainability practices to support our planet.  

our vision

Our bright and modern space provides an open floorplan with plenty of natural light—it’s a space that promotes both focused work and connection. A former auto-parts store that was completely renovated and transformed, it’s now a warm and welcoming space that provides more workspace per user.

It’s a small and independent business, which means that every choice, every small detail has been thoughtfully chosen and executed with the Cospire community in mind to ensure a day of productivity and positivity.

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