Our space

Sound absorption is essential in a coworking space, so the walls in our open space are covered with nordic designed wood and concrete sound absorbing materials in order to assure the best comfort to our members.


Furthermore, the floor of our open space is covered in sound absorbing carpet made out of recycled fishing nets! 

The comfort and well being of our members was our main priority. We worked with local and international architects and interior designers to come up with the right mix of professionalism and coziness.


We went furniture trade shows and design shops to select items that resonated with our aesthetics and production values.


We also sourced natural materials from local suppliers and manufacturers where we could. For example, many of our tables are custom made by a local carpenter in Moudon and our coffee is micro-roasted and packaged in the hills above Lutry.


Of course, our space is professionally oriented but the design and mood play an important role of our business.

Natural light is fundamental to all living organisms, it shapes our well being, our mood and finally our productivity.


Our large south facing ground floor window allows plenty of natural light to enter our working space. 


We simulated the additional defused, spot and decorative lighting in order to provide the correct amount of light to every coworker.

Located on the ground floor of the dynamic street, this former auto parts shop aka “ex-Manuco” has been completely renovated, refurbished and repurposed for Cospire.


There are unique cafes, restaurants and stores within walking distance as well as public transportation (bus #17) and street parking. The future Lausanne tram line will pass right in front of us and our members will enjoy an even better connection.

We consider our three lounges the core of our coworking space. It is fundamental to have enough comfortable and social areas in our space for members to take a break, discuss ideas and recharge.

Depending on your mood and type of break that you need, each lounge has a different style and function.

Our desire to reconnect with nature inspired us to use natural materials such as wood, glass and stone throughout our space. 


However, we also wanted to add elements of surprise and fun, so we used gold accent tones from the 1920’s and pastel colors from the 1950’s that remind us of the golden ages of growth and hope for the future.